short hair blunt bang layered Blunt Layered Bob HairstylesAre you looking for a layered bob hairstyle that can be worn in a variety of ways? A layered bob hairstyle can be created with different edges, but one of the most popular ways to wear this hairstyle is through the use of the blunt edges in the style. Blunt edges that are created in the style can create a modern, blocked and edgy look, especially when straightened with a flat iron through the style.

Although the blunt edges can be seen throughout the hairstyle, throughout the bottom layer, the other layers within the hair are often created to appear more textureized, through the use of a razor that can be used to create the appearance of the texture in the hair. The blunt edges throughout the bottom of the bob hairstyle are created as an effective way to style the modern bob. Although there have been blunt edges used throughout the bob hairstyle in the past, the blunt edges combined with layers that can be seen in modern hairstyles are an effective way to style the hair in a fashion that can be worn multiple ways.

At times when the layers are worn up in the hair, there are styles within the hair that reveal a one length hairstyle. Once the layers are worn down and volume is created through the top layers of the style, there are differences within the layers and therefore the layers can be easily transformed to reenact various popular styles. For example, shorter layers within the haircut can easily resemble a scene or Emo inspired hairstyles, bangs can create a retro look. Using blunt edges throughout the hair creates a versatile option for more than one style.