long hairstyles Does a Perm Damage Long Hairstyles?Are you looking for a way to add body and volume to your hairstyle? One of the most popular ways to do this is to take advantage of a perm within the style, that has the ability to add body and volume to the style through the use of curls.

To determine whether a perm causes damage to the hair it is important to consider the methods that are used to create the perm through the style. The first method that is used to create the perm through the style is to wrap the hair around curlers and place the style up through the hair through the natural fall of the curls. Next, a treatment is applied to the curls that will allow the curls to remain in place. This treatment is a chemical treatment that is applied to the hair in curlers, allowing the curls to maintain their shape. Through the process of having the hair placed in a perm, it is this chemical treatment that can potentially cause damage to the hairstyle that has been completed.

Damage to the hairstyle can occur through chemical treatments as the hair can succumb to dryness through the style, appearing bitter and with a lack of moisture that can contribute to the split end and breakage through the hair follicle, decreasing the healthy appearance and shine that comes with hairstyles that have not been exposed to chemical treatments.

It is < important to realize that deep conditioning treatments are often used with a perm to reduce the damage that may occur within the hairstyle and therefore the treatments that are used can often offset the lack of moisture, as the deep conditioning treatments are meant to fill the hair with nutrients and moisture that it is lacking. Perms that are not completed too often will not cause damage to the hair, but it is important to ensure the hair remains moisturized throughout the perm being applied.