short hair blunt bang layered How to Cut a Layered BobWhen cutting layered hairstyles, especially layered bob hairstyles, precision is an essential part of the hairstyle. Cutting the layers to exact lengths to ensure that the hairstyle is even throughout the entire style is an important part of creating the layered bob. Using sharp scissors throughout the style is essential in gaining this precision. Without sharp scissors that are used in the style, it can be difficult to cut the layers neatly to create the layered bob hairstyle.

With sharp scissors, determine the length that is going to be used for the first layer, or the top layer of the hair. This layer is going to be the shortest layer. The shorter this layer in the hairstyle, the easier the hair is to style with the use of techniques that are used to create volume within the hairstyle. Each layer of hair underneath this layer will be slightly longer, until the bottom layer is reached (which will determine the overall length of the style) and be cut throughout the same length for the entire style of the hair. Although the bob is layered, the bottom layer is completely one length which gives the appearance of the bob hairstyle throughout the hair.

Here are some tips and techniques which are used to create a layered bob hairstyle. Through the use of this hairstyle that is created, you will require scissors as well as cutting ability and a comb that can be used to section the hair into layers which are going to be used to create dimension in the hairstyle. Through the longest layers, which are through the bottom of the hair, this will determine the length of the hairstyle and the length of the bob.