modern hairstyles Modern hairstyles with ColorThere are many ways that color can be used to create an appealing hair style. Color can be used in a variety of methods to create a statement with the use of bright color or can be simply used to transform the hair into a new look.

There are two types of coloring processes that are used for modern hairstyles. There is a temporary color which provides the hair with temporary color that lasts from four to six weeks and will eventually wash out from the hair and fade; and there is permanent color which dyes the strands of the hair and will not wash out, rather the color will grow out from the hair.

Depending on the needs for your color with the modern hairstyles there are many people that choose between the two. Although non-permanent color will wash out from the hair it can provide less damage to the strands of hair, but permanent coloring can be an effective way to fight gray hair, dye roots and touch up other parts of the hair or completely change the color and look of the hair.

If you are seeking something a little more daring to go with your modern hairstyle than consider the use of bright and bold colors, rather than traditional hair colors.