Hair Styles Bob Ponytails Hairstyles 17 Hairstyles you should try this Summer!

17 Hairstyles you should try this Summer!


1.Perfect Ponytail

Try this simple, smart, and elegant perfect ponytail look. Feel relieved and attentive by simply putting your hair in a ponytail. You can style it loose or tight either way as it suits you. 

2. High sleek ponytail 

It’s a perfect summer look in the scorching heat. Tie-down all your hair in a single high ponytail. Use hair sprays at the front to secure frizzy small hair. To add sleekness & straightness, you can use a straightener. To add even more oomph, you can also use hair extensions. 

3. Curled Voluminous Ponytail

Yet another high ponytail look with just a little drama than a casual, sleek ponytail. You can draw more attention to your ponytail by adding curls. It will automatically give you a voluminous at the back. 

4. Braided Ponytail

Yet another advanced ponytail looks. You can try this braided ponytail instead of going for simple ponytails this summer. All you have to do is braid your already secured hair in a ponytail and, then the tada look is ready. 

5. Bubble Ponytail

Here is another simple yet glamorous look for you. You can go for a bubble ponytail this summer. Make a simple ponytail and add bubbles to make it look extra cool. Use rubber bands at every section of the ponytail to create this look. You can easily pull this look for events as well. 

6. Top Knot Bun

Top Knot Bun is a minimal, super easy, and liberating look to beat this summer hot. Take all of your hair and secure it in a bun between the back and crown of your head. That’s it, the look is ready. 

Make sure you use enough bobby pins so that the bun will not lose its support all day.

7. Messy Bun

If you are seeking an effortlessly chic look, then you must try a messy bun. It’s easy and super fun to get this look. Whether it’s a party, function, or home day you can rock this look. 

For functions or any event, you can make these messy buns even more glamourous by adding flowers or stylish pins. 

8. Top Space Buns

this funky style works for any low-key occasion. Whether it’s a beach party or gym, you can easily rock this look anywhere with confidence and ease. It is much more fun than a regular bun. For this double bun look, secure your buns at the crown of your head.

9. Half-Up Half-Down

Simple yet elegant, you can pull off this half-up half-down look for a daily office or college look. Take the front section of hair. Simply put it back and tie it up with pins. Leave the rest of your hair down. 

10. Criss-Cross Hairstyle

Center part of your hair. Take the strands of hair from each parted section. Secure it at the back of your head with pins in a criss-cross manner. That’s it, your summer look is ready. 

11. Twist-Back Hairstyle

Another center part looks for summer. Take the section of your hair from each side, gently twist it and roll it back with pins. 

Leave the rest of your hair down. 

12. Beach Waves

If you are looking for an open hairstyle this summer, we suggest you try these beachy waves look. Add little waves to your hair either by curler or simply tucking it into a bun overnight. In the following morning, open it up, style it a bit, and voila, your heatless beachy waves are ready!

13. Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid is another summer hairstyle that involves weaving strands of hair together to create an intricate appearance. You can also try this look on a ponytail but one of the most common types of fishtail braid is a French style, which begins at the crown of the head. The French fishtail braid is a seriously chic hairstyle and ideal for many occasions.  

14. Double Dutch Braids

Channel the ultimate summer vibes with Double Dutch Braid. In contrast to simple French braids, Dutch braids are reverse French braids, as the braid ‘stands up’ rather than lying flat.

To create this cool yet funky look, center part your hair, make the neat section, and keeps braiding till the end. 

15. French Braided Bun

With an elegant reverse French braid at the sides of your hair wrapping into a low bun, you can pull off this look. Try this French braided bun instead of going for regular buns.  

16. Easy Twisted Side Bun 

If you haven’t got the time to wash your hair and still looking for a way to make your hair look presentable, you can try this cute easy twisted side bun. Take a section of your hair from the front, casually twist it and, secure it with a bobby pin. Now take the rest of the section of hair, roll it and top it with a side bun. 

17. Hipster Bun

For this unique Hipster Bun, all you have to do is take a half section of your hair from the front and secure it in a small bun at the top of your crown. Leave the rest hair down. If you are someone with a busy schedule having no time, you can opt for this easy hairstyle and still rock your look all day. 

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