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5 Hairstyles to Try on a Rainy day


Rain is indeed a blessing as it beats the scorching heat of summer. But on another hand, it can also be a curse.  Traffic jams, puddles filled with rainwater on the top of it Managing your Hair! Yes, you heard it right.

On a rainy day, it’s really hard to handle your hair. Hair is sensitive and prone to damage if exposed to harsh weather conditions without proper care. Moreover, the increased humidity level in the air can make you frizzy. In short, managing your hair and keep up the look during a rainy day is in itself is a task and a major concern of every girl out there.

Don’t worry Bob hairstyle with its team of hair experts is there to resolve this hair problem for you. We have put 5 hairstyles that will help you confront rainy days with confidence. Rise and shine on a rainy morning with these simple easy to try hairstyles.

High Ponytail

A high ponytail will take you a total of 2 minutes to put together, and can look super fashionable if done correctly.

Sleek hair being pulled straight back into a big, voluminous ponytail will instantly boost up your confidence to face any harsh weather conditions outside. You can even spice it up with some cute accessories.


Braids are yet another comfy easy to hold hairstyle that not only covers hair uniformly but also gives you a fairy look. On a rainy day, nothing is as savior as braiding your hair – securing them to coming in direct contact with airy or rainy weather. If you want to go a little formal you can also try French or fishtail hairstyles.


It is yet another comfy super easy and low-maintenance hairstyle that you can create in seconds.

All you have to do is part your hair in two sections, hold the front section in a cool messy half-bun, and leave the rest hair down. This will instantly give you a hippie look. When it is drizzling outside, what could be more preferable than this?

Boxer braid

Boxer braids are pretty much the best rainy day hairstyle ever. They keep your hair neatly tucked away and protected from the elements, but they’re also really trendy. It’s the best of both worlds.

For creating this look Split the hair down the middle using a comb to create 2 equal sections. On the other side grab, a small section of hair to begin your braid. Divide the section into 3 equal sub-sections and begin an inverted French braid – also known as a Dutch braid. Now repeat the same on the other section of your hair and tadda the look is ready!

Messy up-do Bun

What would a post about rainy day hairstyles be without a messy bun? The messy bun is pretty similar to the topknot but looser and more undone. It might take a little practice to make your hair look perfect while looking like you didn’t try… but the payoff is worth it. To opt this look, roughly grab all of your hair and put it nicely at the crown of your head by simply rolling them.