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5 Super Easy Damage Free Heatless Curling Hair Styles

Curls are deemed as the styling symbol of Romance. Whether it’s prom day, wedding, or any significant event most of the girls prefer going with curly hairstyles. Girls mostly use mousse products and heat rods to give curls to their Straight hair which at times proves to be an arduous, time taking, money-wasting and damaging styling picks for your Straight hair. Good News is our Expert Hair-Stylists are there to advise and guide you on some unique trendy heatless curl styling techniques. These Easy and accommodating hairstyles will not only give you a glamourous look but are also a damage savior for your hair in the long run.

After this, you’ll definitely forget torturing your hair with Iron Curls!

  1. Bathrobe Curls

The latest game-changing trendy beauty hack that is going seriously viral is Heatless Bathrobe Curls. That sounded unreal until our Stylists took it out on our models and guess what it did work. For this look, you need a bathrobe towel and skillful imitation of few easy-to-follow steps. Put the bathrobe piece right at the top of your crown. Section your hair in two sides with a middle part way. Now simply do the French braid on each side using your hair strand along with a towel piece. Continue braiding until you cover all the sections of your hair and secure the end with rubber bands. Leave your hair overnight and open it in the morning. Nicely comb the hair with gentle strokes and Ta-da the look is ready!

  • Twisting hair Curls

To achieve this look, dampen your hair – this will help you secure the grip of twists for a long time. Then section your hair. Start twisting your hair in sections from each side. Then Increase the volume of hair strands while continuously twisting them at the back of your head from each side. Secure the twists with bobby pins. Now take the leftover hair and twist it single-handedly while rolling them in a bun. Secure it with pins also. Leave it overnight. You can also use hair sprays to give texture and depth to your curls.

  • Heatless Braid Curls

One of another Heatless Curls Hacks that our hair stylists suggest here is the ultimate Heatless Braided Curls. It’s a well-known and tested curling technique that has been used since a long time. For this Look All you need to do it secure your hair in two or single braids tightly and leave it for the night.

Our Stylist recommends using damp hair because they will look at the braids appropriately and once you open them you will get Voluminous glamourous curls – just the way you wanted it.

  • Bun Waves

This is yet another simple rocking way to obtain heatless curls with little effort and no time. Our stylists prefer this curling technique for hair that have been washed a day. Take all of your hair and brush it to the back till the end. Roll all of your hair in a bun and secure it with a pin or band at the top or back of your head. Leave it for an hour or two. Use hairspray to add volume and texture. Open the band or pins and flaunt your heatless waves super chick look! This look is definitely amazing if you’re looking to rock the day with a nice smooth wavy hairstyle.

  • Curls with a Headband

Another useful method of curling hair overnight is using a headband. Start with slightly damp hair. Put a headband onto your crown. Now Section your hair and roll strands of your hair around the headband. Take another strand and a bit of extra hair and repeat the same process. Twist hair around the headband, again and again, moving towards the back of your head. Secure the ends with clips, and leave it overnight. In the morning, gently release the headband and enjoy flowy curls.