Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

This winter give yourself a getaway from all the lockdowns and staying at home by creating a new and frosty look. With all the chaos you might have forgotten about best hair styles that will go perfect with your trending winter closet. So here is a reminder that winter is finally in the air as the breeze is cooler which may also have an effect on your hair texture. As it gets colder outside you will most likely get the heaters running, warming up the showers and blowing the hairdryer to the maximum which will have some reactions to your hair and cause damage. Smart way to go is to stay away from such damaging routines and focus on creating a nourishing hair care regime. This will reduce the daily blowouts of hair and will soothe the process of getting the best hair style for this winter. In winter everyone varies their look buy adding some accessories such as hats, wool bandanas, ear muffs and velvet ribbons. Even if you have varying taste, hair type, different interests and personalities you must stop the extra scrolling as this blog will provide you with best hairstyle options that will suit all kinds of looks.

  1. Loose waves

Wavy hair is not just for summers. They will be perfect for a winter look as they are quick to put in and will work best with the correct accessory like a pom-pom hat or bandana and the look will not be overthrown when you put on that fluffy coat.

  1. Fishtail braids

Any kind of braids will look super cute with those puffy cardigans. Sticking some snowflake hair accessories on them will bring perfection to your charming look. Fishtail braid can be the best option for carrying out a cozy winter look.

  1. The curtain bangs

Winter can get very windy which will flatter your hair around and won’t make it easy for you. The best option is to go for a hairstyle you can manage and won’t be blown away. Curtain bangs is the best hairstyle for all face profiles as they soften harsh angles and add an element to rounder faces.

  1. Twists for any length

If you have strands or layers that you want to put back then twists are the best option for you. You can use your layers up to any length and get the kind of long or short twists. The twists can be pulled out from the root to give it a puffy and messy style.

  1. High ponytail

If you’re wearing blazers, jackets or coats and don’t want your hair getting in the way then you can put your hair up in a tight or loose ponytail. This will give you a very sheik look and can be topped up with accessories like ear muffs and bandanas.

By Ava George

Born in the UK, Ava has received her degree in Hair beauty complementary therapies and makeup beauty skills with hairdressing from Ayrshire College. She has participated in multiple fashion couture weeks and received recognition and praise as the best hairstylist and makeup artist in the town. Right now, she is collaborating with Hair Style bob in the capacity of senior hairdresser and stylist. Her unique, creative and experimental work ethic makes her stand out in the style and fashion industry. She believes in devising methods that complement personality and helps people shine out with confidence. Her philosophy is that Personal grooming and style statement not only boosts your personality but also adds charm to it. She is committed to continue providing her best services through her work and also by teaching and sharing her valuable ideas and tips on hair styling and makeup with her clients through articles and blogposts.

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