Hair Styles Bob Color 6 Trendy Hair Colors to Try this Summer 2021

6 Trendy Hair Colors to Try this Summer 2021

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Nowadays experimenting with new hair colors is not just a trend but represents your style statement and subliminal attitude towards life. Women are trying and experimenting variety of colors with the invent of hair dyes to make them appear beautiful. Rocking a New hair color might sound like a styling con but for some woman it’s no less than a hobby. They exhibit their adventurous streak with their choice of colors, abrupt and quick transition from one hair color to another. 

Every color has its significance and marked association. Scientist suggests that color has a huge impact on your mood and emotions. Having said that we can understand the importance of picking a hair color that goes with your personality, attitude and face tone. 

However, you need to be careful while experimenting as hair are sensitive to dyes and chemicals. You can consult your regular hair salon stylists to help you in choosing a perfect color match. With keen research and careful consultation, we have come up with list of trendy colors in demand. 


Brown Hair Color 

If you want to Play safe and enjoy the results, you must go with browns this summer. Brunettes are bright enough from nature, so they may enjoy a variety of short, medium and long brown hairstyles in their natural hair color. There are variety of brown shades that you can try, depending on your face tone and preference. Dark brown hair with highlights is another popular pick of brunettes who want to refresh their natural hair color. It’s trendy yet classic. Light brown hair with highlights is the most versatile hair color solution that is in demand in both blondes and brunettes.

Pastel balayage

Tired of applying same old shades of brown? We are here to resolve your problem by introducing one of the most exciting and wholesome addition to the world of dyes. Pastel Balyage mixed with different tones & over layers can give you multiple options to carry the look. With light pale colors, pink & purple hues combination, you can get an otherworldly look to flaunt this season. 

The money piece

The money piece commonly known as face framing highlights is another trendy and glamourous look to opt. It’s achieved when you balayage the front strands of your hair a lighter shade than rest of the hair at the back. The result is a face-framing look that adds dimension, brightness and a boost to your complexion. It’s indeed one of the catchiest and dramatic look to try.

Chunky highlights

According 2021 color trend report, chunky highlights are about to make a huge comeback. As the name implies, it works in chunks by sectioning your hair to give you final look with contrasting highlighting or lowlighting techniques. These highlights, which can be done in bold primary colors or natural hues, are usually 1 to 2 inches wide and meant to create a stark contrast against your natural hair color. Be bold by opting this trendy classic comeback hair coloring technique. 

Mushroom Blonde

One of the coolest trendy pick that you need to consider this summer is Mushroom Blonde. It’s the mixture of dyes to give you a whole different look. It doesn’t fall into either blond or brunette, it’s a great shade for blonds looking to dip their toes into the dark side, or for brunettes wanting to go a little lighter. Mushroom blond is also super low-maintenance, making it a great choice for summer. Because it’s a more grown-out look.

Grey Hair 

Gone the days, when grey was associated with age number. One of the most iconic & unusual trendy pick by women and young woman is Grey Hair Nowadays. Grey represent Grace, elegancy and purity. Female who wants to break the barriers and stereotypes often pick this unique color. Apart from female in their 20’s, we have seen women in their 30’s willingly dying their hair in grey tones to carry a subtler look this summer. This also indicates that Women have become more acceptable of their natural transition of color from brown/black to greys that they are intentionally picking greys over any other funky colors.