Fri. Jan 21st, 2022
8 Types of Bob Haircuts

“A woman who cuts her hair short is about to change her life.”

There is nothing more powerfully transformative than getting a new haircut. It not only symbolizes power, courage, and boldness but also gives charm to your overall personality. Haircutting is not just pulling a scissor and chopping it off. It’s an art and you need a professional hairstylist to help you get a fine haircut. However, choosing a perfect cut that suits you and empowers you in a way that adds to your personality is another big task. Your haircut is your style statement. You have to be precise, careful, and thoughtful about its selection. To make it easier for you, we have shared varieties of bob haircut styles for short hair.

With various styling techniques and little alternations here and there, you can easily pull off a completely different look altogether with the same haircut. Isn’t it Super Amazing and Cool?!

  1. Simple Classic Short bob

Classic short bob comprises ear-length fine chopping of hair. Behind the ear or leaving it free, you can style it either way while flaunting your cheekbones. Classic Short bobs are all about Minimum baggage and more to show. Moreover, if you have a round face it’s also a good pick to show more of your face symmetry & features.

It’s a unique combination of Charisma and boldness! All-time favorite Summer Chick Look.

  • Short Bobs with Bangs

A short bob with bangs is an edgy short haircut with lengths falling anywhere between the ears and the neck and paired with a fringe. Bob haircut with ardent bangs on the forehead will instantly add style and boldness to your overall look. It’s a good pick if you have a big forehead or if you want to keep it simple with a touch of boldness.

  • Medium Short Bob

Medium Short bob gives a little bit more length to your hair as compared to a classic short bob. Your hair edges fall between your ears to neck area giving you a much straighter posture look. There’s more room to style and rock this look.

  • Long Layered Bob

Long bob style is also known as Lob hairstyle. You can enjoy your hair length while still holding the boldness and audaciousness of short hair. Paired with layered cuts you can add volume and style to your final look. What’s interesting about such haircuts is that you can easily assemble two or more likely cuts in a single go and enjoy a little drama and modification in your final look.

  • A-line Angled bob

Make your bob cut glamourous and a little informal with this chic A-Line Angled bob. It’s an inverted bob cut. Its symmetry varies around the head from long layers to short upward angled back. Covering your face from the front will give you an elevated look. It’s a promising trendy look.

  • Middle Part bob  

The middle part bob is a simple, elegant, and sleek haircut. center parting of hair that goes to beyond your ear and neck part. You can also hold this look with a little more length if you want.

  • Soft Wavy bob

This haircut is nothing different but a bob cut with assimilation of waves & light curls. If you want to give a little bit of volume to your hair, you better opt for this look.

This haircut is nothing different but a bob cut with assimilation of waves & light curls. If you want to give a little bit of volume to your hair, you better opt for this look.

  • Textured bob

Pair your bob hair cut with a textured volume look. Elevate your hair crown by adding texture and loose waves at the edges. If you want a messy, outgoing beachy look, then you must try this textured bob cut.

By Ava George

Born in the UK, Ava has received her degree in Hair beauty complementary therapies and makeup beauty skills with hairdressing from Ayrshire College. She has participated in multiple fashion couture weeks and received recognition and praise as the best hairstylist and makeup artist in the town. Right now, she is collaborating with Hair Style bob in the capacity of senior hairdresser and stylist. Her unique, creative and experimental work ethic makes her stand out in the style and fashion industry. She believes in devising methods that complement personality and helps people shine out with confidence. Her philosophy is that Personal grooming and style statement not only boosts your personality but also adds charm to it. She is committed to continue providing her best services through her work and also by teaching and sharing her valuable ideas and tips on hair styling and makeup with her clients through articles and blogposts.

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