Best Trendy Hairstyle picks for You!

Best Trendy Hairstyle picks for You

Hair is one of the pretentious and valuable assets of a woman. Up until now, women have been exploring and advancing their ways to express themselves not only with their dressing sense but also through their eye-catching and unique hairstyles. In this regard, many local and international hairstylists have come forward with up-to-date trendy, classy, and cool hairstyles. 

A new hairstyle indeed adds charisma and confidence to your overall personality. However, having a new hairstyle is not enough. Having the right Hairstyle that elevates your personality, enhances your natural beauty and features are important. 

To make the pick easier for you here our hair stylists have picked some of the trendy, catchy, and high in demand haircuts below:

  • Bangs 

Bangs are evergreen. They look catchy in every season. The best part about bangs is that it adds to your hairstyle statement. You can try and experiment with multiple bang hairstyles by consulting with your hairstylist. They will suggest and inform you of various ways to carry this look according to your face and personality. One of the things that make bangs a convenient choice for millennials is their ability to blend with various hairstyles at a time. Like bangs offers you the liberty to choose short, medium, or long hair as it suits you.  

  • Pixie haircut 

If you want to add style, confidence, and power to your personality, you should go for pixie cuts. Nowadays, pixie cuts are not only trendy but also a preferable choice for many female leads in the industry. 

From Kristen Stewart to Charlize Theron, we have observed some eminent female leads go for this sleek yet funky look. Pixie haircuts are not only trendy but are also super easy to carry and manage. In this scratching heat of summers, step a little bit out of your comfort zone and give yourself a break by getting yourself a cool pixie cut

  • Layers for medium & long hair

Layered haircuts look more interesting than one-length cuts because layers offer more attractive shattered shapes that are sharper and far more versatile. Experimenting with a variety of layers and finishes for your ends, you’ll be able to come up with a variety of unexpectedly gorgeous looks that you have not tried before. Long layers give texture and body to an otherwise plain basic cut.

  • Face framing bangs 

If you have an oval face and looking to add a voluminous hair forehead, you should opt for face-framing bangs. These bangs support your face sides well while adding drama to your personality. 

You can further style these face-framing bangs with long/short hair as it suits you. Priyanka Chopra Jonas casually carries that face-framing bangs. For better understanding and inspiration, you can also check out her looks. 

  • Bob haircut

A bob cut, also called a bob, may be a short-length haircut, within which the hair is often cut straight around the head at about jaw-level, often with a fringe (or “bangs”) at the front. The quality bob is often cut either between or simply below the ears. Bob cut adds back volume to your head and helps you elevate your natural crown area. If you have a short round face, it is a good pick for you as it will sharp your face features.