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Casual Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Many little girls dream about how they want to look on their wedding day. They plan everything from their dress and shoes to how they want their hair to look. For some girls, however, they may want a more casual look than the fairy tale picture that seem to consume some girls.

The casual hairstyle is an ideal look for the bride, especially if the wedding is held outside. With all of the hectic preparations involved with the details of the wedding, the bride will opt for the casual hair instead of a more sophisticated look.A loose French twist with tendrils hanging loosely is an easy style to set, yet it is still elegant. Soft curls layered on the top of the head are another hairstyle that is easy to accomplish, casual with an almost regal appearance.

For those women with short hair who want a true casual hairstyle, leaving their hair as it is normally is another option. All that is needed is perhaps baby’s breath or decorative combs to complete the look. There are many possibilities to creating a casual wedding hairstyle for women with short hair. The two main factors to consider are how flattering it is to the bride and also how easy to maintain on the big day.