Category: Caramel Hairstyles

Caramel hair color is among the most popular hues for highlights today, because it flatters blondes, brunettes and redheads. Black hair with caramel highlights offers a nice contrast of shades that is however not too stark. The same is true for dark brown hair. Caramel highlights on brown hair remind us decadent desserts that are hard to resist. Those girls who want to try less contrasting solutions that refresh complexion and make eyes brighter should try caramel blonde hair or light caramel brown hair. These color mixes are quite soft, feminine and appealing to the eye. Caramel colored hair is also a good idea for brunettes who are going gray but don’t want to wear gray hair or look older with dark brown hair. In this case a caramel hair dye is your choice, especially if your skin has warm undertones. Experimenting with caramel highlights is not out of question for cool toned ladies either. In this case you should opt for cooler caramel shades.

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