Category: Hairstyles and Haircuts for Long Faces

Long face hairstyles, what do they look like? The right hairstyles for long faces should have a flaring or rounded silhouette to prevent an oblong face from appearing too narrow and long. Straight or arched eyebrow-skimming bangs or diagonal side bangs for long face are a salvation, because they veil the tall forehead and balance out the proportions of an oblong face. When it comes to haircuts for long faces, they shouldn’t be long if your wear your hair straight. That’s why it’s better to avoid long hairstyles and long haircuts for oblong faces or incorporate layers and texture in them which is going to add volume to the sides of an oblong face. Short haircuts for long faces should include bangs and be not extremely short. View our gallery of best haircuts for long faces, and you’ll definitely get more than a few ideas you feel absolutely comfortable with!

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