Hair Straightening Treatments


Pros & Cons of Keratin and Extenso Hair Treatment

We all want to stay up to date and trendy but at times following a fashion statement comes with a price. When it comes to hair nonetheless there are many options to suit your style and comfort. From unique trendy cuts to hair colors now hair treatments are also in demand. Women are heading to salons to sort their hair problems by consulting hair specialists.

And while it’s recommended and fun to try new things we have to be cautious while applying products and chemicals on hair without having proper guidance or know how about it. We are here yet with another feature article to give you an insight about types of hair treatment being offered and what are the pros and cons of opting them.

Choosing a Hair treatment entirely depends on the type structure and requirement of your hair. In this regard our hair experts suggest to consult your hair stylists nearby and then pick a treatment rather than blindly following popular trends.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is a nourishing protein treatment that makes your hair become healthier, shinier, and lustrous. Blow driers are used instead of Hair straighteners in it. The results stay for three months.


Keratin treatment also straightens hair and gives them volume too. It is good for hair, ads shine and texture to hair as proteins are used in it to make hair straight. It suits thin fine hair or less voluminous hair. Keratin treatment replenished the depleted keratin in the hair. This makes keratin the least harmful straightening treatment


The treatments are expensive however, and the formaldehyde in many formulas can be dangerous if inhaled. Moreover, you have to be extra cautious with your hair once you get the treatment.

Extenso treatment

While Extenso, on the other hand, is a straightening treatment and it gives your hair that dead straight gorgeous look. Like rebonding, extenso also works on a micro level and helps re-structure the bonds in your hair, resulting in 20% extra volume than that provided by rebonding.


It produces a straightening effect that is more natural and is also less harmful. It also helps you gain tremendous volume that ou can flaunt.


But like said before every hair treatment comes with pros and cons. And even though extensor treatment works by relaxing the molecular structure of hair to give them that dead straight frizz-free look, Hair extenso treatment is much harmful as compared to the keratin treatment. When it comes to rebonding hair, hair extenso treatment is much better for hair straightening. It does not last for more than 5-6 months. But, if done properly, it can go up to one year.The new hair remains unaffected and may sometime leave you with extremely dry and frizzy hair.