Hair Styles Bob Color How to Strip Color from Hair At-Home?

How to Strip Color from Hair At-Home?


Although risky, there are many customers that choose to try and fix the hair color mistakes that are made through experiments, at-home. Through the use of solvents that are used to strip the color from the hair, you can remove even the darkest colors from the hair – but you may be left with damaged hair.

Where can you find the supplies that are needed to strip the colors from the hair? There are beauty supply stores, as well as stores online that sell products that are needed to strip the color from the hair but it is important that you learn how to use these products before trying them on the entire head. Experts suggest trying a small portion of the product through a couple of strands of hair, somewhere inconspicuous before placing the product through the entire head to rid the hair of the mistaken color, as this can help to prevent any further color mishaps from the head.

Once you have read the instructions and are ready to strip the color from the head, be sure that you are able to have another color that is going to be placed in the hair. Most people choose a tone and shade that is closest as possible to the natural shade to allow the hair to grow in evenly and naturally.

It is important to remember that stripping the hair can cause damage, as well, and you should remember to treat the hair with a conditioner immediately.