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Medium Length Female Hairstyles French Braid Ideas

Are you having a hard time Deciding what hairstyle to wear? The French braid might be the best choice. It is a very easy braid even the illusion makes it look as if it were time-consuming and difficult to create. The French braid works best with medium to long length hair and is perfect for school or a day in the office. With a few accessories, such as a barrette or hair clip, the French Braid can be used to attend a dinner for informal party.

To make the French braid, all is need is to start with a small ponytail at the top of the head and slowly adding in more hair to the ponytail as the braid progresses down.  The tension of the braid determines how the braid will turn out.  For a more relaxed braid, less tension is needed. This type is ideal for going to school or running errands.  However, for a night on the town, a tighter braid is probably the way to go.

To finish the braid, the end can be tucked under the braid and held together with some pins. To add the finishing touch, a jeweled hair comb or clasp can be attached to the braid to give it a more refined look.