Wed. Dec 1st, 2021
Cure Premature Grey Hair

There are plenty of hair dyes on the market that cover white hair, but many of these contribute to premature graying and may cause allergic and adverse reactions. Natural remedies offer an alternative to slow down hair-whitening without harming the body or causing further hair pigment damage. With keen research and consultation with hair experts, we have come up with some of the effective harmless home remedies to cure and prevent premature grey hair. Try these remedies and you’ll surely love the results!

Curry leaves:

The medicinal use of curry leaves goes back centuries. When combined with hair oil and applied to the scalp, curry leaves can slow premature graying. You can add Coconut oil as it proves to be an excellent conditioner for the hair.

Onion and lemon juice hair pack:

Incorporate onion into your hair care regimen as it’s one of the oldest remedies to prevent premature greying. Mix onion and lemon juice and apply this on your scalp and hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo.

Henna and egg hair pack:

Apart from being a natural hair colourant, henna can curb premature greying too. A henna and egg hair pack, fortified by curd, can check premature greying while nourishing the hair from its roots. For mask Break open an egg in 2 tablespoon of henna powder. Add 1 tablespoon of plain yoghurt and mix well. Apply this paste to cover the hair strands and roots. Wash off after 30 minutes.


This is an herbal supplement recognized for reversing premature graying by promoting pigmentation. Its effectiveness is believed to be because the gooseberry is rich in antioxidants and anti-aging properties. Amla is easily available in grocery stores. It can also be found, as a powder or supplement form. The powder can be mixed with coconut oil and applied directly to the scalp. For better results Massage your scalp every night with a tablespoon of amla juice, a bit of almond oil and a few drops of lemon juice. This can prevent greying.

Black tea:

Black tea can make hair darker, shinier and softer. It can be used by steeping 3 to 5 tea bags in 2 cups of boiling water, cooling and adding to clean, wet hair. Tea can also be mixed with conditioner, left in the hair for 1 hour, and then rinsed out.


Low copper levels can lead to premature greying according to one 2012 study. Good food sources of copper are beef liver, lentils, almonds, dark chocolate, and asparagus.

Cleansing with Shikakai:

Shikakai has always been considered a brilliant hair cleanser. Experts say that it can also prevent premature greying. For Application, Take 4-5 Shikakai pods, grind them finely. Add them to half cup of sour curd. Mix well. Apply on your hair and keep it for about 15 minutes. Wash thoroughly and see instant results.

By Matilda Ellis

Matilda is a well-known hair specialist. She has received her degree in hairstyling from California. She is associated with Hair Style bob as a junior hairstylist. Currently, she is working under our senior styling team. She aims to learn, collaborate and devise new hairstyles to complement clients’ needs and personalities. She has Dexterity and good eye-hand coordination which makes her efficient and smart at her job. Her creative nature compels her to share her out-of-the-box ideas with her team members. She is young blood and her drive to explore the industry makes her irresistible. She continues streaming and sharing hairstyles and new fashion trends globally through her articles to help her clients updated.

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