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Short Hairstyle Inspiration

Are you looking for a hairstyle that is going to create a new and stunning style through the spring season? You may just want to follow suit of one of the most shocking hairstyles of the season – and also one of the most glamorous and choose the hairstyle that has been created for Katherine Heigl. The short hairstyle is created in the style of the popular pixie haircut and dyed a platinum blonde color – one of the hottest in Hollywood.

You can find the images of her new hairstyle through many of the celebrity galleries. Looking through the images, you can find a new look that is going to easily become one of your favorite looks of the season.

Once you have found the images of the popular hairstyle you can easily bring in the pictures to your stylist to help recreate the look that has been created. Finding a couple of the images can be a great way to get the style that you want for your hair and enable you to get the right look.

Remember, these hairstyles that are created with the platinum blonde styles do require a bit of work when it comes to the touching up of the styles and this means that you are likely going to be spending some time with the stylist every few weeks – to be considered when making the decision when it comes to your style.