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Three Reasons to Avoid Buying Synthetic Hair Extensions


There are many types of hair extensions that can be purchased. There are hair extensions that have been created with human hair, hair extensions that have been created with synthetic hair and hair extensions that are created in many colors and tones.

The main decision that must be made for people choosing hair extensions is the decision to buy extensions that have been made from human hair or synthetic hair extensions. Human hair is superior in appearance and quality – only one of the reasons that synthetic hair extensions should be avoided.

Other reasons that synthetic hair extensions should be avoided include:

The majority of synthetic hair extensions cannot be styled with hot tools of any kind. This means that the user should avoid flat irons and curling irons that are used through the hairstyle. Hair extensions that are synthetic can be placed in the hair through clip in hair extensions once the style has been completed but the high levels of heat can damage the synthetic hair extensions, the reason that the tools should be avoided while creating the hairstyle.

Unlike real hair extensions, which have the follicle of the hair in the same order, facing the same direction, synthetic hair extensions can face any which way direction, causing the hair to become easily tangled. This problem is not often experienced with real hair extensions and can therefore be avoided by choosing high quality brands of extensions.

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